NATO head "regrets" Pakistani soldier deaths

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NATO head "regrets" Pakistani soldier deaths

NATO head "regrets" Pakistani soldier deaths
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The head of NATO has apologised for the deaths of Pakistani soldiers in a strike against Taliban militants near the country’s border with Afghanistan.

Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen spoke in person with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi at a meeting in Brussels.

“I expressed my regret for the incident last week in which Pakistani soldiers lost their lives,” he said. “There is now a joint investigation on the way and we will determine what happened and draw the right lessons.”

NATO have been stepping up attacks on the Taliban in Pakistan who have been targetting supply routes into Afghanistan.

The 3 soldiers were killed in a helicopter strike in the western region of Kurran last week.

The Taliban say they will avenge such attacks.

On Sunday they targetted a NATO fuel depot close to Islamabad.

27 transporters, heading to supply troops in Afghanistan, were set alight.

Pakistan, though, has grown angry at NATO strikes within its borders.

In response, the country has blocked NATO supply routes into Afghanistan.

Mr Rasmusson said he hoped Pakistan’s border would reopen as soon as possible.