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Dutch centre right agrees to burqa ban

Dutch centre right agrees to burqa ban
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The Netherlands look set to follow in France’s footsteps and ban the burqa.

The two major centre-right party leaders have agreed to the move as the price for parliamentary support from the anti-Islam Freedom Party for their minority government.

But there is no place yet in government for Gert Wilders, according to Liberal leader and designated Prime Minister Mark Rutte because they disagree over whether Islam is a religion or an ideology.

The three parties have also agreed to toughen rules on immigration – rules that would cut non-Western immigration by half.

Wilders said he was especially pleased with measures to strip some citizens of their dual nationality status if they’ are convicted of certain crimes.

The agreement also boosts the number of police officers in a sop to Wilders, who is on trial in the Netherlands for inciting hatred against Muslims.

The Liberals have already agreed to the moves but the pact still needs to be approved by Christian Democrat congress on Saturday.