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German trial set to reawaken Baader-Meinhof memories

German trial set to reawaken Baader-Meinhof memories
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Wearing dark glasses, Verena Becker arrived in court in Germany for a trial which is guaranteed to revive memories of the dark days in the 1970’s which shook West Germany to its core.

Becker is charged with conspiring to murder Germany’s top prosecutor during a campaign of terror by the extreme-left Baader Meinhof gang.

Verena Becker was a leading member. The case was reopened after forensic techniques not available at the time uncovered fresh evidence.

The victim’s son Michael has campaigned relentlessly for the case to be brought to trial. He told reporters his main aim is to make sure the truth is told about his father’s death.

Siegfried Buback was killed along with two others when his chauffeur-driven limousine was sprayed with bullets from the back of a motorbike in Karlsruhe in April, 1977.

It turned out to be one of several operations carried out by the Baader Meinhof gang.

The urban guerillas waged war against what they saw as an oppressive capitalist state.

34 people died during the course of their campaign.