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Photokina Photography Trade Show

Photokina Photography Trade Show
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At the Photokina Photography Trade Show in Cologne, Germany, manufacturers showed off the latest technology and trends. 3D is still big news, as is making cameras ever smaller. Ultra-thin pocket cameras featured heavily, as did cameras capable of taking 3D pictures.  
Oliver  Kuhrt, the managing director of Koelnmesse GmbH said: “Digital reflex cameras have undergone massive progression in general, that is one of the big issues. This is also a real opportunity for the industry, because it has encouraged further developments. The other big issue is 3D on all levels, whether it is the editing or final device itself.”
A big trend is hybrid or micro-reflex cameras with interchangeable lenses but styled to look old fashioned. Compact cameras have more and more features, like GPS, 3D and video capability, although naturally the more gadgets are loaded onto a compact camera, the more you can expect to pay for it. 
Henning Ohlsson, the vice-chairman of the Photo Industry Organisation, said: “Computer generated pictures is a huge topic with an immense future market. The picture is assembled at the computer, to make one picture out of individual digitally-photographed elements. This is one big trend, another being the complete availability of pictures among young people.  Both are growing market segments.”
But once you’ve taken a picture, how about sharing it? New cameras can upload to social networking sites with just the touch of a button. 
However if want to get your hands on one of these new cameras, you will have to be patient. They are not in the shops yet.