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Greek truckers pursue protests as strike spreads

Greek truckers pursue protests as strike spreads
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Greece has had several days of action since the government cut deep into workers allowances, but Wednesday saw one of the largest protests.
State hospital doctors and other public sector staff walked off the job. 
Many of them have signed a union petition delivered to EU offices to make clear their frustrations.
“The people of Europe are protesting against high prices, against increased unemployment, against anti-social rights that the European leaders are imposing,” said Vangelis Bouzoulas, General Secretary of the Greek General Confederation of Labour.
Bus and trolley drivers also took part in the stoppage while Athens’ metro, tram and train systems were shut down for several hours, disrupting rail links across the country.
Meanwhile, truckers are continuing their protests against moves to liberalise their tightly regulated profession, despite a government threat to force them back to work or cancel their licenses.