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Al Qaeda terror plot against Europe revealed

Al Qaeda terror plot against Europe revealed
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Europe is on edge – and as terror alerts become an increasingly regular fixture, reports of a plot to jointly attack France, the UK and Germany will do nothing to calm nerves.

Paris dealt with its latest bomb scare on Tuesday as the Eiffel Tower was briefly evacuated. A search turned up nothing, police said.

It came as intelligence sources said a major al Qaeda plan had been uncovered.

Security advisor Dr Sally Leivesley said: “The potential for three countries, France, Germany and Britain, to be attacked simultaneously is actually a global shock attack and it comes out of the maturity in the style of attacks that Pakistan has very sadly been having for a long time and also that the soldiers are seeing in Afghanistan.”

Security is tight at key targets across Europe.

The plan was said to involve attacks similar to the commando-style raids on Mumbai in 2008 in which 166 people were killed.

The UK, France and Germany are taking stock of the reported threat from Pakistan-based militants. Recent US drone strikes there are said to be part of Western efforts to thwart the plot.