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Protests in Cairo against Mubarak succession

Protests in Cairo against Mubarak succession
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Anti-government protesters in Egypt have rallied against president Hosni Mubarak’s possible succession plans.

There were rowdy scenes as around 300 demonstrators gathered outside the former royal palace in the Egyptian capital Cairo, convinced Mubarak’s son Gamal is being groomed to take over the reins of power.

‘‘Our demands are obvious, which is we don’t want presidency inheritance, we don’t want to vote for the same president again, and we don’t want any fake elections,’‘ Hamdeen Sabahi a protesting political journalist said.

Lines of riot police completely surrounded the protesters often appearing to outnumber the activists. It wasn’t long before things turned ugly and shoving matches broke out. Many at the rally were detained by police, with some reports of beatings.

Under recent constitutional amendments, Mubarak’s son Gamal, seen here is one of only a few politicians in Egypt legally qualified to run in presidential elections. Persistent rumours about his father’s health continue to fuel talk of a power hand over.