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Merkel casts doubt on UN millennium aid goals

Merkel casts doubt on UN millennium aid goals
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told the UN it’s unlikely to reach its millennium development goals aimed at cutting world poverty and hunger.

The comments by Merkel, on the second day of the New York summit, paint a more pessimistic view than UN chief Ban Ki Moon, who insisted yesterday the goals could still be met.

‘‘The international community gave itself real goals 10 years ago. Unfortunately today, we have to recognise that we are probably not able to reach these objectives. Nevertheless, these goals remain valid and it’s necessary to continue the fight to achieve them,’‘ Merkel said.

Despite the EU pledging an extra billion euros to help meet the UN’s eight goals, aimed at lifting millions out of poverty and improving global education and health by 2015, many fear it won’t be enough. Our reporter in New York Valérie Gauriat says: “Whether it was France, Germany or the European Commission, the walls of the UN echoed with the good intentions of the EU which bills itself as the champion of development aid. This does not prevent poorer nations being sceptical about its implementation, which often gets thinned out by numerous intermediaries.’‘