French react to Islamic veil ban

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French react to Islamic veil ban

French react to Islamic veil ban
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The French public have been reacting to the ban on wearing the full Islamic veil in public. On Tuesday, senators overwhelmingly passed the measure by 246 to 1, which had already been backed by the lower house of parliament.

It will come into effect in six months unless scrapped by constitutional judges. The government argues the ban is not an attack on Islam but aims to uphold France’s secular values.

On the streets of Paris, there was a mixed response. One woman said she did not oppose the law because it was nicer to see a person’s face.

“Even if it’s their choice, it makes things hard for us and hard for them,” she said.

One man said the wearing of veil was upsetting.

“I feel (the women) are kind of imprisoned by it,” he explained.

Another woman said the ban was “a fuss over nothing.”

“It won’t affect many people,” she said.

An estimated 2,000 women wear the full veil in France. Under the new law, it will be illegal to wear the niqab or burka in public.

Women who break law will be fined 150 euros.