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Controversial bull run ends with no injuries

Controversial bull run ends with no injuries
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One of Spain’s most controversial bull runs has ended in the central town of Todesillas.

The “Todo de la Vega” or “Bull of the Plain” festival is thought to be one of the most dangerous in Spain because it does not involve professionals. That usually means more injuries but organisers were grateful that none were recorded this year.

Winner Marcos Rodriquez was also pleased.
“It is a very proud moment for me as this is my home town. I have been waiting for this for a long time,” he said.

Large numbers of tourists come to Todesillas each year for the event and the regional government says that is good for the town’s economy. But the run attracts criticism from Spain’s anti-bullfighting lobby.

“How could the local government declare in the 90s that this event is of tourist interest,” said anti-bullfighting campaigner Siro Llorente. “That is where our indignation stems from – that and the way the bull dies.”

In the run, participants chase a bull through the streets of the town, before eventually killing it with spears. This year, a girl was involved in slaughtering the bull for the very first time.