Ukrainian historian 'planned to leak' state secrets

Ukrainian historian 'planned to leak' state secrets
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The director of a wartime museum in Ukraine faces an investigation by the country’s secret services over allegations he planned to give away state secrets.

Officials accuse Ruslan Zabily, the curator at Lviv’s Lontsky Street Museum, of intending to leak classified state files.

Zabily’s laptop and hard drives were confiscated.

He denies any wrongdoing.

“As a historian I was always working with documents which were in open access in the state archives. I’ve used this source for a long time, as others have done as well,” Zabily told reporters.

“I believe the authorities just want to alter the perception of the past,” he added.

Zabily said the investigation was a cover-up for abuses committed under the rule of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Former President Viktor Yushchenko opened up the old KGB archives in 2009 but that policy was reversed by his pro-Mosc0w successor, Viktor Yanukovich.