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Istanbul and the Ramadan nights

Istanbul and the Ramadan nights
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Istanbul is a vibrant mix of differing cultures. Over the centuries the city has seen many changes, yet one festival maintains its place in the heart of the city Ramadan.
Euronews reporter Irmak Tanir:

“Built on love and a collective spirit the holy month of Ramadan is a time of joy and excitement all over the Muslim world…here in Istanbul the atmosphere is unique.”
For Ramadan Istanbul opens up its historical squares to the people and entertainers from Turkey and across the Middle East flood in to perform.
There are also books, lightshows, theatre and dance and food.
As sunsets and people prepare to break the fast the city changes its character and ups its pace…one can even dress up in clothes from the Ottoman period.

As the night draws on people come together irrespective of wealth or social standing to eat and share in the unique atmosphere.

As this man explains:

“Ramadan in Istanbul is very special it has all the traditions from the old times, especially at mealtime.”

Just like centuries before the aroma of Turkish coffee pervades the air for the sweet toothed Macun takes away the memory of the days fast.

During Ramadan it is the streets that are alive with the sound of music.