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A new exhibition in Speyer, Germany, looks at Amazons and asks are they legend or did they really exist? Alexander Koch, the director of the Historical Museum of Rhineland Palatinate says that a “nation of Amazons” as related in the legends has never existed.

Amazons per se may be legend, but the exhibition shows that female fighters did exist in the ancient world. They roamed across what is now Eastern Europe and Siberia, but unlike the legendary Amazons they shared their lives and their graves with men. They were buried with their armour, weapons and jewellery, much of which is now on display.

Says Lars Börner, the curator of the exhibition “Amazons – Mysterious warriors”: “From these remains, we can tell how they lived and how they died. In places there are fatal injuries which they sustained in fights and there are injuries they survived, too. We can also deduce some bahaviour. Their thighbones were curved from riding horses, and we can see where they had strong arm muscles from using a bow and arrow.”

The exhibition’s oldest grave dates from nearly 3,000 years ago and shows a sitting woman.

The exhbition runs until 13th February

The Museum of Electricity in Lisbon has opened a new exhibition called “People” (POVO) – posing the question “Who are People?”

The exhibition is part of the celebrations of the Centenary of the Portuguese Republic and exhibits include paintings, photographs, posters, cartoons, cinema, literature, television and music.

The exhibition runs until 19th September.