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Shock in Pakistan after Taliban bombings

Shock in Pakistan after Taliban bombings
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In Pakistan, thousands of people have turned out for the funerals of those killed in a suicide bomb attack yesterday.

While many are in mourning, the overwhelming feeling is one of shock – that the attacker in Quetta targeted a march during the muslim holy month of Ramadan.

It is also likely to pile political pressure on Pakistan’s unpopular civilian government, which is already struggling to cope with the country’s devastating floods.

“What’s happened is tragic and its because the government is inefficient. It will keep on happening until we get a better government and leaders and a better system to rule the country.” said one man.

“The whole city is in turmoil. It is Eid and people should be shopping but the streets are empty. One one hand the country has been hit by the floods, on the other we have these blasts. What future do we have?” asked another.

54 people died in yesterday’s attack, the second in three days.