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US East Coast braces for Hurricane Earl

US East Coast braces for Hurricane Earl
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The dangers posed by Hurricane Earl are being taken increasingly seriously as it threatens to
deliver a sidelong blow to the North Carolina coast.

US authorities have ordered evacuations of some of the state’s barrier islands, with tourists and residents alike packing up and getting out.

The hurricane’s centre is seen passing within 160 kilometres of the islands ahead of this weekend’s Labor Day holiday as the summer season ends.

A category four storm may be looming but, when all seems calm, it is not always easy to leave.

As she left the beach area, Brittany Grippaldi said: “It is sad because reality has not really set in because it is so beautiful out. It is like, ‘oh, I don’t want to leave this’ but it is kind of like the calm before the storm.”

On holiday from Virginia, Landley Patton said:
“You feel dumb. You feel dumb leaving when you are here, but the authorities say we need to do it, so I want to respect the authorities.”

Earl has sustained winds of 215 kilometres per hour and from North Carolina to Massachusetts, coastal watchings and warnings are in place.