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UN decides to reform IPCC

UN decides to reform IPCC
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A United Nations reports has concluded its own Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change needs deep reforms.

It follows the panel’s erroneous conclusions in 2007 on the Himalayan glaciers, which it said were melting faster than any others, and could disappear by 2035 or earlier. The panel admitted its error this January.

“The report we are releasing today identifies and recommends fundamental reforms to IPCC management structure. The IPCC needs to strengthen its procedures to handle ever-larger and increasingly complex climate accessments,” said the Inter-Academy Council President Robert Dijkgraaf.

The error bolstered climate change sceptics around the world, but the panel’s boss insists the expert’s science is sound;

“While the IAC review was limited to IPCC processes and procedures, several of the other six reviews looked directly into signs of climate changes. None of these studies found flaws with the fundamental signs of climate changes… By overhelming consensus the scientific community agrees that climate change is real,” said Rajendra Pachauri.

The IPCC reforms are intended to make it more transparent, and strengthen its credibility and independence. It will appoint an executive committee including outsiders and even non-climate science specialists, and a new Executive Director to handle day-to-day operations and act as spokesperson.