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Pakistan villagers flee after floodwaters diverted

Pakistan villagers flee after floodwaters diverted
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Villagers in southern Pakistan have been forced to make their way across flooded countryside after their district was deliberately inundated to protect a nearby town.
Shikarpur in Sindh province was saved after waters were diverted. But the operation meant the Lodhra area became flooded. It caused power cuts in several towns, and left people to follow the half-submerged railway track in search of food.  
“Our children are starving in the village so we are trying to get to Shikarpur,” said Hussain, a resident of Jacobabad. “We’re not getting anything to eat. What is there to eat? Who should we turn to, to ask for help? Should we ask the government, the same government that’s doing nothing for us?”
As the relief effort continues there’s been another warning that the international community is not doing enough either. US Senator and former presidential candidate John Kerry wrote in the International Herald Tribune that failure to combat the humanitarian crisis increased the danger of instability and extremism.
It’s feared that many Pakistanis, frustrated with the slow government response, are turning to Islamist militants instead.