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Contrasting fortunes in New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina

Contrasting fortunes in New Orleans five years after Hurricane Katrina
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The Storyville Stompers and their brass band music are putting a song back in the heart of New Orleans.

It’s five years since Hurricane Katrina struck with such devastating power. In the famous French quarter the tourists are returning with a boost for the local economy.

In sharp contrast is life in the residential Lower Ninth Ward. A canal levee broke here and the area was flooded. People left their homes, many have not returned. 80 percent of the city’s surface was under water 1500 people lost their lives. The Government’s commitment to re-building this quarter has come under question. Alvin Seymore, is the only resident left on his block.

“And just like BP, they need to pay me because I don’t know how I am going to pay my bills next month-my utilities,” he explained and added, “ I’m paying for city services. They’re putting perfume on the French Quarter and talking about tourists. And I just finished doing the street in front of my door and cleaning out the drain. I pay the same taxes. I pay the same services. Whats wrong with me, Mr. President?”

This organisation, Make it Right has stepped in to bring hope to the area which was pivotal in the city before Katrina struck. It was co-founded by actor Brad Pitt three years ago and is committed to building 150 new homes 50 have already been completed.