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Pakistan holds IMF talks for post-flood funds

Pakistan holds IMF talks for post-flood funds
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As Pakistan braces itself for more flooding, officials are holding talks International Monetary Fund about how to stabilise the country’s battered economy.

Pakistan accepted a 9-billion-euro loan from the IMF two years ago but now there is talk of a new loan or a re-negotiation of the 2008 deal

The country’s economic losses could total more than 30 billion euros and agriculture, a mainstay in its economy, has been hit hard.

The waters have destroyed crops and killed livestock.

One man said he would stay in his village despite the floods.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m scared that someone will steal what I have left,” he said.

Millions are squatting in camps where unhygienic conditions increase the risk of disease.

The military and aid agencies are trying to get aid to the desperate but there is too little to hand out and too many in need.