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US committed to Iraq despite troop withdrawal

US committed to Iraq despite troop withdrawal
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As US combat troops leave Iraq, euronews has been talking to their families on the home front who are waiting to welcome them back.

One of them, 28-year-old Heather Shoaf, lives on the biggest military base in the US at Fort Bliss in Texas. Her husband David has been on his first tour in Iraq.

“I would have the dream that they would come and say, you know, “your husband has been killed in action” and what would I do? I’ve got two kids, and I had nightmares for months.”

Vice President Joe Biden told a conference of military veterans the US will remain committed to helping Iraq even after American combat troops leave: “Honour the dead – by helping the living. That is not only your motto, but that is what you have been about”

The First Division First Armored Brigade of the US Army have spent months training security forces in Iraq. But now they are back home safe in Texas,

Heather has her husband back. But 1,300 soldiers from Fort Bliss are still in Iraq, part of the 50,000-strong training and assistance force.

With the political situation there still uncertain, it is difficult to say what their future will be.