Pakistan floods: UN, survivors lament lack of aid

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Pakistan floods: UN, survivors lament lack of aid

Pakistan floods: UN, survivors lament lack of aid
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After nearly three weeks of the worst flooding in Pakistan’s history only a small fraction of the millions battling to live have received any help according to the United Nations.

Survivors are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of aid from the civilian government, and many are now pinning their hopes on the military.

Army helicopters have saved 600,000 people so far, over a stricken area that would swallow up England.

There are 115 military relief camps. Army kitchens and doctors are providing cooked food and free medical treatment.

Up to 1,600 people have died already, but the UN is warning that 3.5 million children are now at risk from diseases carried by the flood water and insects.

Aid agencies and the British government have complained that the international response has not been generous enough.

And there are claims that not all of the aid that has arrived is reaching those who need it most.

Refugee Wali Ullah Khan said: “This food is given by the UN to the affected people from this tribal area, but there are many problems because of the process. The local authorities are not providing all the rations handed out by the UN.”

There are also worries about future food shortages.
With vast areas of agricultural land underwater it is feared farmers will miss the season to sow next year’s crops – and that is supposed to start next month.