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Blair's book donation sparks controversy

Blair's book donation sparks controversy
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Opinion is divided after former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair announced he is to give the entire profits from his upcoming memoirs to injured British war veterans.

Some see the decision as a generous gesture while others see it as blood money.

Despite the controversy surrounding Blair’s motives, the British Legion welcomed the move.

Chris Simpkins, Director General of the Royal British Legion, said: ‘‘Mr Blair’s contribution will change people’s lives. And whatever else we might say there is no question of Tony Blair’s, I think, integrity and determination actually to put the proceeds, the full proceeds of his book to charitable use.’‘

But for many, Blair’s reputation remains tainted by his decision to commit British troops into the hellfire of Iraq during and after the 2003 US led invasion, even though he has already reportedly given his advance of 5.5 million euros.

‘‘He had an ideal opportunity when he appeared before the Iraq Inquiry under Sir John Chilcot to apologise at the end to the families of people that suffered but he made no mention whatsoever of it,’‘ one father of a soldier killed in Iraq said.

Anti-war campaigners have also said they plan to protest at the biography’s launch, arguing the book should be thrown at the former prime minister for leading Britain into war.