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Pakistan's floods will cost billions

Pakistan's floods will cost billions
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The devastation caused by Pakistan’s floods will cost billions of euros, the UN has said.

It has described the destruction to the country’s vital farming sector as immense. The grim estimation comes amid increasing desperation among the 14 million people affected by the disaster.

Yesterday, the UN launched a fresh aid appeal.But, the anger on the ground to what many see as a sluggish response is palpable.

‘‘Ramadan is here and we have received nothing. We’re totally desperate. What are we going to eat for breaking of the fast? What will we do before fast begins? This way most of us will end up getting nothing. The government should come and hand out the aid to us in a proper manner. This is not the way to do it,’‘ one woman said.

Some aid is trickling through, but there’s real concern charities linked to Taliban militants are filling the void. So much so, Washington has tripled the helicopters it initially sent to help deliver vital relief.

For the moment, the number of dead stands at 1,600. But, Australia has also started mobilising aid supplies to the flood hit country as concern mounts there could be a second wave of death among the sick and hungry, if help doesn’t arrive quickly enough.