Rescuers battle to save Pakistan flood victims

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Rescuers battle to save Pakistan flood victims

Rescuers battle to save Pakistan flood victims
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The wave of floods triggered by monsoon rains in north-west Pakistan is now said to have killed at least 800 people. Many are still missing.

A local government official described the flooding as the worst in the country’s history.

A million people have been affected in the inundated areas. The city of Peshawar has been cut off.

A state of emergency was declared after more rain fell in one 36-hour period than had been recorded in decades.

“There are very bad conditions, people sitting on roofs of their houses, women on roofs, they have no water, there’s no food for people,” said one man.

Many have struggled to reach higher ground after rivers burst their banks. Roads and bridges have been washed away.

Aid workers have been trying to provide shelter, food and water, and medical treatment.

“The biggest problem for the children and the elderly is their stomachs, all of them have diarrhoea,” said Mehmood Jaa, a camp doctor.

“Most people complain of itching and their skin is covered in spots. They’re in pain, suffering from fever and coughs.”

More helicopters have been deployed this weekend to lift people out of the worst affected areas.

It is feared more casualties may be found buried under buildings.

At least 60 people are reported killed in neighbouring Afghanistan; the Afghan army says it has rescued more than 5,000 people.