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Greenpeace shuts BP's London petrol stations

Greenpeace shuts BP's London petrol stations
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Greenpeace claimed to have closed down all of BP ‘s petrol stations in London on Tuesday. The activist group said it had shut down all the oil giant’s 50 sites in the British capital.

Greenpeace organised the protest to urge BP to adopt greener energy policies. The company only confirmed the closure of 35 sites and said 18 later reopened.

Motorists in central London gave a mixed reaction to the protest.

“It is disgraceful what BP have done,” said one driver. “They’ve leaked more per week than the Exxon Valdez (oil spill) did (in 1989). Good luck to them.”

But one pensioner said the blockades were “absolutely disgraceful because people should have a choice of where they buy their petrol.”

“There are many more urgent matters in the world to consider than closing down a few petrol stations,” the man said.

Greenpeace wants incoming CEO Bob Dudley to diversify the group’s energy portfolio and end what the campaigners call its “obsession” with oil.

BP described the demonstration as “childish and irresponsible” and branded it “an act of vandalism.”