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Venezuela severs relationship with Colombia

Venezuela severs relationship with Colombia
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Venezuela has cut ties with Colombia, after being accused of harbouring FARC rebels.

At a meeting of the Organisation of American States (OAS), Colombian ambassador Luis Alfonso Hoyos demanded an international commission investigate sites in Venezuela where the guerrillas are believed to be hiding.

He accused Caracas of helping rebels responsible for kidnappings, drug-trafficking and murder.

Speaking at the OAS meeting, Hoyos said: “Colombia does not want to return to this nightmare. And I say to the people of Venezuela, don’t let yourselves be enslaved by this nightmare. It is a tragedy we have suffered.”

During the presentation, Bogota showed pictures and film of what they say are as many as 1,500 FARC rebels living in camps well inside Venezuela.

However, anti-American Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called the claims ‘US-inspired aggression’ and an official at the meeting dismissed the evidence. Venezuelan ambassador Roy Chaderton said: “This is not proof. I don’t know where these pictures were taken.”

Speaking live on television, Chavez said he had no choice but to break relations with Colombia and put troops on high alert at the border.