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Mad cow rules reviewed in Europe

Mad cow rules reviewed in Europe
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The nightmare of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Enchephalitis – or Mad Cow Disease) is mercifully almost forgotten in the EU now. In total almost 200,000 cases of BSE were discovered in the EU. But there were only 67 cases last year and those were in very old animals who were probably infected many years ago.

The EU is therefore proposing to lift the remaining BSE regulations in place; for example, the requirement for an entire herd to be slaughtered if even one animal has the disease. It is now considered that destroying the infected animal and testing the rest of the herd would be enough of a safeguard.

The EU is also considering allowing pigs, chickens and fish to be fed flour derived from bovines, although it is still not considering lifting restrictions on feeding bovine-derived feedstuff to cattle.