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BP says no more oil leaking from Gulf well

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BP says no more oil leaking from Gulf well
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The 3 month oil leak which has caused America’s worst ever environmental disaster, may finally be over.

BP says it has at least temporarily stopped the flow in the Gulf of Mexico, raising hopes it has been plugged for good.

The latest footage from the seabed now shows little coming from the ruptured well following the fitting of a new stacking cap.

But, BP has stressed it’s unlikely to be a permanent fix. The British firm has said it will carry out a series of pressure tests in the next 48 hours to make sure the new cap will hold.

Officials have admitted going back to the containment process remains the most likely outcome until one of two relief wells currently being dug can finally seal off the well.

That would see a return to oil being drawn off and pumped up for collection at the sea’s surface.

For the moment, however, the new cap and BP appear to be in control for the first time since April of the 80,000 or so barrels of oil that have been spewing into the Gulf of Mexico on a daily basis.