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Argentina passes same-sex marriage bill

Argentina passes same-sex marriage bill
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Argentina has approved same-sex marriage, the first country in South America to do so.

Debate on the bill began on Wednesday afternoon and spilled over into the early hours as supporters and opponents stood vigil outside congress.

The new legislation also hands gay couples the right to adopt children.

Maria Rachid, is the leader of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Argentine Federation:
“Now we have a lot to celebrate because this is an extremely important step forward for human rights. We are the first Latin American Country to recognise the equality.”

The Argentine President Cristina Fernandez’s backing of the bill pitted the president’s office against the powerful Roman Catholic Church
a year before the next presidential election.

The Senate backed the proposal by 33-27 with three abstentions.

Argentina now joins the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, and Canada, which allow gay marriage . In the US homosexuals can marry in five states and Washington and same-sex couples can wed in Mexico City.