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Islamist militants suspected of Kampala blasts

Islamist militants suspected of Kampala blasts
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Somali Islamic extremists are being blamed for two separate bomb attacks on a restaurant and a sports club in the Ugandan capital Kampala which killed 64 people.

The explosions ripped through bars packed with football fans watching the World Cup final.

Juma Seiko, who witnessed one of the explosions said: “We were watching soccer here, and then, two or three minutes before the end of the match, an explosion came from here.”

At least one US citizen died in the attacks which have been condemned as “cowardly and deplorable” by President Barack Obama.

Al Qaeda-inspired al Shabaab militants in Somalia have been threatening to attack Uganda for sending peacekeeping troops to Somalia to prop-up the Western-backed government in Mogadishu.

Uganda is east Africa’s third largest economy and is attracting much foreign investment in its oil sector after two decades of relative stability.

So far no group has admitted carrying out the attacks but an al Shabab commander, Sheikh Yusuf Isse, praised the bombings saying Uganda was “an infidel nation”.

A spokesperson for the White House said Washington was ready and willing to help Uganda hunt down those responsible for the atrocities.