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Spanish film scoops top prize at Czech film festival

Spanish film scoops top prize at Czech film festival
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Spain’s, ‘The Mosquito Net’ has won the top prize at this year’s Karelovy Vary film festival.

Spanish Director Agusti Vila and his compatriot
Luis Minarro, the movie’s producer, were in the Czech capital Prague to pick up the award.

Geraldine Chaplin, daughter of Hollywood great Charlie, plays a silent role in the film.

Director of ‘The Mosquito Net’ Agusti Vila said:
“We never thought that we would have Geraldine Chaplin for such a small role. But we talked to the producer and he thought that it was a good idea. He sent her the script, she read it and she accepted to play a silent role. She was very happy because, she said for once she could work like her father.’‘

The Mosquito Net was among 12 contenders for the Crystal Globe, following the life of a well to do family, whose members suffer from guilt complexes.

The film festival’s special jury prize went to the Czech animation, Kooky.

Director of Kooky an Sverak said: “We used the computers to erase the wires… we used this toys… actually this is not a puppet film it’s a toy film. It had strings and they were just moving around the woods meeting this animals and talking to them. It’s kind of a different style.”

Combining puppetry and animation, the film focuses on the adventures of Kooky, the favourite cuddly toy of a little boy, and follows his fight to freedom after being condemned to a local rubbish dump.

Euronews’ Fred Ponsard said: ‘‘The Karlovy Vary International film festival in the Czech Republic is one of the oldest in Europe and forms an ideal bridge between eastern and western cinema. This year British actor Jude Law and Russian director Nikita Mikahilkov are among those honoured.’‘