UN slams South Korea ship raid

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UN slams South Korea ship raid

UN slams South Korea ship raid
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All 15 members of the UN Security Council have hit out at the attack on a South Korean warship in March.

South Korea blames North Korea for the torpedo raid but the carefully-worded statement did not identify the attacker to appease China, which enjoys good relations with Pyongyang.

Sin Son-ho, North Korea’s UN ambassador said:
“The Security Council has debated unclear incidents in a rush. Normally, this incident should have been resolved between the North and the South Korea.”

The March 26 sinking of the naval vessel, in which 46 sailors died, is the latest chapter in decades of frosty relations between the two countries.

US envoy to the UN Susan Rice called on North Korea to adhere to the Council’s request.

“The message to North Korean leadership is crystal clear,” Rice said.

“The Security Council condemns and deplores this attack. It warns against any further attacks, and insists on full adherence to the Korean Armistice Agreement.”

The secretive state has long been isolated in owing to its nuclear ambitions.

The West has been urging North Korea to return to talks, which it declared dead in 2007.