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'Psychic' octopus tips Spain to win semi-final

'Psychic' octopus tips Spain to win semi-final
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Spain will beat Germany in tomorrow’s World Cup semi-final. We know, because Paul the octopus says so.
From his Berlin aquarium the tentacled mollusk has been gathering notoriety for accurately predicting the results of all five Germany matches so far.
Given the choice of plucking food from two plastic containers in his tank – each bearing the opposing team’s flags - Paul has so far picked the winning nation each time. That included Germany’s surprise conquerors Serbia in the second group match.
Paul sat ponderously on top of the Spanish box. One long tentacle dangled inside, its tip curling and flexing in anticipation of its next move. And then, suddenly – whoosh! One deft flick and the Spanish mussel was no more.
Paul’s slight hesitation before making his choice would appear to suggest a tighter game than the England-Germany encounter, when he gobbled up the German food without a second’s reflection.