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Car with wings ready to roll

Car with wings ready to roll
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A US firm has come up with the ultimate car – one with wings – and claims it can fly from Boston to New York in one hop.

The car-plane’s wings unfold for flying and then fold back for driving. One thing, though, you still need a runway for takeoff.

Carl Deitrich, the CEO of Terrafugia, which built and designed the craft said: ‘‘You can drive to it. Unfold you wings in less than 30 seconds and take off. Fly direct to the airport nearest your destination, land and fold up your wings in less than 30 seconds and drive off the airport to the door of the place you want to go.’‘

With plenty of orders already, and thousands of airports around the world, the company is convinced the car-plane will be a huge hit.
But, if you are hoping to beat the rush hour it will not come cheap. At a mere 160,000 euros you might have to sell or put off buying the house to park it in front of. One advantage, however, it fits in the garage a treat.