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Apple apologises for iPhone 4 glitch

Apple apologises for iPhone 4 glitch
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Apple has apologized for a software glitch in the latest version of its iPhone.

A bug means the phone is displaying two more bars than it should to show the signal strength.

The apology – a relative rarity for the company known for its marketing savvy – is the third in three weeks.

The company, which sold 1.7 million iPhone 4’s in the first three days, says there is no problem with the hardware and a software fix will be available ina few weeks.

The new iPhone’s antenna is unusual in that it surrounds the entire device. Manufacturers usually try and put the aerial where it won’t be covered by the caller’s hand.

Since the iPhone 4 hit stores on June the 24th consumers have reported reception problems.

Apple is already facing three lawsuits from customers as a result.