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Troops back new appointment

Troops back new appointment
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There’s been more reaction to the departure of the coalition forces commander in Afghanistan.

General Stanley McChrystal is being replaced by General David Petraeus…. just as the coalition forces’ death toll has reached its highest monthly level.

US captain Karvin Krupski, serving in the war zone, says: “I think morale is going to remain the same as it has been.

“Commanders come and go but the army has enough talented leadership across the board at all levels so I think the guys are pretty confident that General Patraeus is an extremely talented individual.”

The Afghan government says it regrets the personnel changes.

But ministers maintain it’s an internal matter for America.

Haroon Mir, Afghan head of The Policy and Research Center, says: “Afghans are confident that General Petraeus will even do much better than General McChrystal because McChrystal had some weaknesses when it came, for example, to his relation with the Afghan government and with the rest of NATO countries.”

One of Patraeus’s first priorities is likely to be steming the number of coalition casualties.

Nearly eighty service personel have lost their lives in the war this month.