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Greek ports paralysed by dockers blockade

Greek ports paralysed by dockers blockade
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A strike by Greek dock workers has left thousands of tourists stranded at Piraeus, the country’s largest port.

The action is part of a new wave of protests against austerity cuts aimed at reducing Greece’s huge debt.

Around 200 trade union members barred travellers from ferries to show solidarity with striking
merchant marine engineers.

Tens of millions of euros are estimated to have already been lost from cancellations.

The government has promised to reimburse stranded travellers but that been little comfort to some tourists.

“I think it’s stupid because I have friends on Ios island. They were in businesses who are getting poorer every day , and the tourists won’t come, and they’ll see this on TV and they won’t come again,” said Robert Smith, a stranded tourist from Perth, Australia.

A one day general strike is planned for next Tuesday against pension and labour reforms due to be submitted to parliament this week.