How to apply for Erasmus

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How to apply for Erasmus

How to apply for Erasmus
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Erasmus is probably the best known and most popular EU exchange programme. Through it, more than two million students have been able to study or train abroad since 1987. But how do you apply?

Firstly, the Erasmus programme is open to all students from the 33 participating countries, namely: the EU-27, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

For the last three years, Erasmus has been offering students two options: the chance to either study or work abroad.

Those wanting to carry out part of their studies abroad, must be in their second year at least at an institution holding the Erasmus University Charter. Around 90 percent of Europe’s universities have already signed up to it.

The scheme also helps students go on work placements abroad. This is available from the first year of higher education.

Periods abroad – both for studies and for internships – can last from three to 12 months each, for a combined total of 24 months.

Students need to apply to the international relations office at their home university and fill in a Learning or training agreement.

This document sets out the programme to be followed as approved by the student, the home and the host institution. It also simplifies academic recognition from the home university for the satisfactory completion of activities during the Erasmus mobility period.

Erasmus students may be eligible for grants to cover part of the additional costs of living abroad and travel. And tuition fees at the host university are covered.

Lastly, Erasmus also enables higher education teaching staff and those employed in private businesses to go abroad to teach. Likewise, any academic and non-academic higher education staff may receive training abroad.

More information is available from Europe Direct, via the free phone number, website and information centres all around Europe.