Thousands re-enact famous Waterloo battle

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Thousands re-enact famous Waterloo battle

Thousands re-enact famous Waterloo battle
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You could be forgiven for thinking it was history repeating itself.

195 years after Napoleon’s final defeat, thousands of military enthusiasts gathered on a field in Belgium, to re-enact the Battle of Waterloo.

Euronews correspondent Samantha David was there:
“The various Napoleonic-era bivouacs have been open all weekend, and there have been fireworks, manoeuvres, demonstrations of military first aid, wood chopping and all sorts of other stuff,” she said. “But the highlight of this weekend is a massive re-enactment of the Battle itself.”

With rifles cracking, the soldiers charged. Napoleon Bonaparte beat a hasty retreat ahead of the enemy troops.

This time around, there were no casualties. But the real battle was a much bloodier affair.

More than 11,000 soldiers were killed and more than 35, 000 wounded.

Wagg Ellis Jones, the Commanding officer of the Allied Re-enactment Forces, said the re-enactment was faultless:

“We had close to 2000 (men), certainly 1500 on the field, 2, 500 for the French,” Ellis Jones said. “I think the crowd was probably about capacity. But the weather held, the troops held. Nothing went wrong.”

Tens of thousands came to watch the re-enactment.

Those who want to view a repeat of the event, can return in 2015, when the 200th anniversary of the battle takes place.