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Grint and Nighy team up in hitman comedy

Grint and Nighy team up in hitman comedy
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Rupert Grint, Bill Nighy and Martin Freeman talk about their new comedy “Wild Target”, a British remake of a French farce about an assassin who falls for his latest hit, and tries to protect her instead.

Bill Nighy plays the uptight, middle aged killer for hire. Emily Blunt is the con artist who’s upset the wrong people with a fake Rembrandt. And Rupert Grint appears as the clueless apprentice they pick up along the way. The trio go on the run, cooped up inside a small British iconic car.

Nighy has worked with Grint before, playing Rufus Scrimgeour for the final, two part instalment of the “Harry Potter” films, “Deathly Hallows.”

“Both times was very pleasant and both times was mostly with Rupert. On “Harry Potter” I’m entirely with Rupert and Daniel (Radcliffe) and Emma (Watson) and it was extremely good fun.”

And Grint was pleased to be able to take on “Wild Target” in his time off from Hogwarts.

The star has already clocked up a number of extra curricular activities outside the Potter set, including coming of age tale “Driving Lessons” and indie drama “Cherrybomb”. He’s also set to play ski-jumper Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards in a forthcoming comedy. For “Wild Target”, he picked up a new skill – how to handle a gun.

“They’re quite scary things, really loud. There was a scene I actually had to learn to reassemble a, it was like a 9mm glock I think and I had to actually build it, blindfolded which was quite a challenge. I probably could still do it now I think.”

Co-star Martin Freeman plays Nighy’s rival hitman, sent out to finish the job. He was drawn to the new screenplay, based on Pierre Salvadori’s 1993 comedy “Cible emouvante”.

“I thought it trod a nice line between being absurd and real, funny and a little bit genuinely thrilling as well, at times,” said Freeman.

“It’s not gory, it somehow manages to have murder in it but not be too unappealing, yeah. Because there is blood but again it somehow manages to be funny.”

“Wild Target” is released in the UK on 18 June 2010. The film is due to be released in France on 7th July and in North America on 8th October.