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Assault cases shock experts in Osh

Assault cases shock experts in Osh
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Complaints of rape and other brutal violence are emerging after the unrest in Osh. On one street alone, local people say more than 10 Uzbek women and girls were the victims of sexual assaults.

Eyewitnesses and experts say many of the victims appear to have been Uzbeks.

The relative of one victim said: “A crowd saw this girl and they immediately assaulted her in front of her father. What they did to her – even animals wouldn’t do that. She lost consciousness when they started to strike her on the back with their feet.”

A local Uzbek doctor said: “Our mentality is such that they conceal cases of rape. What I’ve found out so far is that more than 10 women in this small area were raped. That number includes pregnant women and minors, girls aged 12, 15 and 16.”

Workers from Human Rights Watch are among those investigating.

Members of the Kyrgyz community have denied the accusations and have made counter-claims against Uzbeks.