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The horns of Africa cause a din at World Cup

The horns of Africa cause a din at World Cup
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Love it or hate it the traditional South African trumpet, the vuvuzela, is causing a rumpus in more ways than one.

Players and broadcasters at the World Cup have complained about the noise, so much so the tournament’s organiser says he’ll consider banning it if complaints gather pace.
But that hasn’t gone down well with fans.

“They want to ban them… why?This is an African World Cup and it belongs to us. We must shout the vuvuzela, why not? You must blow and blow and blow till the end of the World Cup,“said one football supporter.

Although several top footballers have said the sound is so loud they cannot hear their managers on the side lines, most of them see the vuvuzela as an integral part of the South African experience..

Whatever one thinks about it, trying to stop the horns is likely to be impossible – easier just to buy some ear plugs or turn the sound down on the telly.