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Intercontinental Jazz/Photography Expo

Intercontinental Jazz/Photography Expo
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To celebrate the World Cup, an experimental musician from paris has put together a transcontinental jazz combo – Paris/Joburg – combining French and South African styles.

He told Euronews: “The mix is perhaps a bit more simple than you might think. There’s less culture-shock in fact because both of us are into improvisation, and contemporary music so when we read each other’s scores we find a sort of coherence, a brotherhood.”

They have music in common, but this summer they will also be enjoying the football together. France and South Africa have been drawn in the same group so they could be playing in the same match.

Braka said: “If we are playing when a match is on, I’d like a screen just here beside my return… so I could watch it at the same time. But if we’re asked to play when a match is on, we can’t refuse. The only thing to do is put a big screen so we can play during the match!”

Photography exhibition in Italy

An exhibition of photography entitled “Between Painting and Reality” has opened in Brescia, norhtern Italy. It is part of the Biennale Internationale di Fotografia which highlights work from all over the world.

The exhibition runs until 24 July and will return for three weeks in September.

For more information (in Ialian) see: