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World Cup focus on security

World Cup focus on security
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With the football World Cup only days away, police in South Africa are under huge pressure to show that they are in control of crime in their country.

In Johannesburg, tv cameras have accompanied armed officers as they arrested suspects after an armed robbery.

Some say the risks have been exaggerated:

“Of course, we realise that there is a problem where crime is concerned, but it’s not in the way that it’s been portrayed or projected, that anywhere you go you become a victim of crime. It’s only concentrated in certain areas.” said Vishnu Naidoo of the South African police.

The murder rate in South Africa has stabilised, but rape, aggravated robbery and carjackings are all on the increase.

Security companies have been hired for the tournament but weapons cannot be carried into the World Cup gun-free zones around major stadiums like Soccer City.

Mexico are in action against the host team in this Friday’s opening match.

Experts say the best advice is to blend into the crowd and not be ostentatious about your wealth.