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No mask or cape but Obama says he'll Kick Ass

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No mask or cape but Obama says he'll Kick Ass
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KickAss Obama, anyone? Barack Obama has said that is what he would like to do to BP’s boss Tony Hayward, in his latest interview on the Gulf oil spill.

The hapless Hayward initially said the spill would have a “very, very modest environmental impact,” in just one in a series of foot-in-mouth statements on the crisis, now in day 50. He now regrets his earlier comments.

The US president has been under fire for not being robust enough in his criticisms of the British oil giant, so he is now upping the stakes, adding in the interview if he were Hayward’s boss he would fire him.

That is of little comfort to the region’s fishermen, who have seen their livelihoods all but destroyed;

“You know we rebuilt this place. We were fishing in three months after Katrina. We are not going to be fishing three months after this,” said one.

The magnitude of the oil spill is now evident, wreaking more damage than Hurricane Katrina, the worst oil spill in US history. The numbers are as sticky as the black tar fouling beaches, killing wildlife, and ruining the tourism industry; no-one seems able to estimate with certainty how much oil is flooding into the Gulf of Mexico.

The only thing that does seem certain is it is going to cost BP a fortune, and that the region will need years to recover, if at all.