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Gaza flotilla: eyewitness report

Gaza flotilla: eyewitness report
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What did exactly happen on May 31st on board the Mavi Marmara? One difficulty in ascertaining the truth is that the Israeli army seized film and equipment belonging to journalists.

Brussels-based Italian reporter Marcello Faraggi, was on board the flotilla of ships that accompanied the vessel.

The bulk of the video that he shot was seized in the aftermath of the attack – film that he says included documentary proof of the cargo ship’s contents.

“I really could see there was just stuff like wheelchairs, prefabricated houses, medicines etc… but the military took all my cassettes and the only thing I could hide and bring with me was this memory card. Because against any international law, they seized all my material.
“Eye witnesses told me that the first soldiers were kept by some Turkish activists and the next soldiers who arrived on the boat began shooting immediately and therefore two or four men died on the spot. The others were injured and they died on the way to Ashdod.”

“We were able to escape and two hours later, the military came to our ship and they tried to force us to stop the engine and they said we put in danger the cargo ship with humanitarian aid and we put in danger all the passengers. But can you see who really put in danger all the passengers? We can see how they were armed.”