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Promising results for BP cap in stopping oil leak

Promising results for BP cap in stopping oil leak
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US coastguards say BP’s latest attempt to prevent oil from leaking into the Gulf of Mexico seems to be having some success.

According to their chief, a special containment cap -known as a lower marine riser package – placed over the broken pipe on the sea bed has managed to siphon off between a third and a half of the estimated daily leakage.

“The cap that we put on to the LMRP, that operation has gone extremely well,” said BP’s senior vice-president Bob Fryar. “Over the last 24 hours we’ve been able to collect over 6000 barrels of oil, so we’re very pleased with that operation.”

Coastguards and BP hope the containment rate can be improved over the next few days. But a permanent solution does not look likely until August when two relief wells should be ready for use.

BP says it has spent more than 800 million euros on the spill and has vowed to pay all legitimate claims of those harmed by the disaster.

After contaminating the wetlands of Louisiana, as well as islands in Mississippi and Alabama, smaller traces of oil are now washing up on some of Florida’s famous white beaches.

BP’s chief executive has said in an interview published today that he understands people’s anger but does not plan to resign.

The Obama administration has delayed plans to increase offshore drilling as a result of the spill.