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Militants attack Afghan peace talks

Militants attack Afghan peace talks
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Taliban militants have attacked a gathering of Afghan elders as President Hamid Karzai laid out his plans for a peace deal with the insurgent group.

Officials say three rockets were fired at the meeting in the west of Kabul.

Reports say a man carrying explosives blew himself up during clashes with security forces.

Some 1,600 delegates were there to try to build a consensus on how to persuade the Taliban to lay down their arms.

Earlier, the Afghan president appeared to offer an olive branch to the Taliban, suggesting that they would be consulted on government policy if they laid down their arms.

“We are brothers. Let’s stop killing each other and build this country up. We will listen to your advice on how to do that,” he told delegates.

Karzai wants to offer economic incentives to get moderate Taliban members onside.

Yet the group issued a statement yesterday insisting they had not been invited to the meeting.