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Israel transfers flotilla aid to Gaza

Israel transfers flotilla aid to Gaza
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According to the Israeli military, part of the consignment of aid carried by the flotilla has been transferred to Gaza. It went by road after being unloaded at the port of Ashdod. More supplies were due to follow.

But there are claims that many essential materials routinely do not make it through Israeli controls.

“Most of the goods are prohibited to enter Gaza, like building materials, cement, iron, electric equipment,” said Ghazi Hamad, a Palestinian border control officer on the Gaza side. “What is allowed to enter Gaza is very little – like fruit, frozen meat, eggs, oil, some agriculture, medicine and clothes.”

Despite the Israeli raid on the flotilla, its organisers say that two more ships are due to be sent to Gaza. One is currently off the coast of Italy, the other is being repaired. Israel has warned it will not allow more boats to supply what it calls a terrorist base.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has visited Israeli soldiers injured during the raid on the flotilla. According to Israeli radio, six are still in hospital after being wounded.

Because of the crisis the Israeli PM cut short a visit to North America where he was due to meet Barack Obama.

Some Israeli media have called the raid on the ships ‘stupid’ and a ‘fiasco’.