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BP says no spill solution until August

BP says no spill solution until August
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The CEO of BP has warned that a solution to the disastrous oil leak off the Gulf of Mexico could be as long as two months away.
Tony Hayward, the chief executive of the British oil giant, made the admission after the company’s latest efforts to plug the gushing well ended in failure.
He said the next step involves using underwater robots and a containment device to siphon off the leaking crude to ships on the surface.
“There’s no doubt that the ultimate solution is the relief well, which is in August,” Hayward told reporters.
Lousiana has born the brunt of the oil spill so far, with residents there protesting against what they see as BP’s slow response to the crisis.
Between 1.9 million and three million litres of crude are estimated to be leaking into the sea each day in what is being described as the worst environmental disaster in US history.
It is another devasting blow to Lousiana, which is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.
The deadly storm ripped through the state five years ago.